St. John Chrysostom Computer and Research Center:
has been provided and improved annually through the tremendous generosity of an anonymous Alumnus and his Family. We pray daily that all aspects of their lives may be blessed! May we in turn keep alive in our own hearts  Their Generous Spirit!

They do Collaborative Learning Projects in many subjects. Some include:

Wall Street Stock Market Investing
The African American History Experience
(Lots of Graphing!)
The Tsunami Disaster.

Some Facts About the Computer Center:

  • The school has a T-1 line (extremely fast connection) for Internet Access.

  • Every Computer anywhere in the school is on the school-wide network.

  • We host many programs on the Network. They are available to all computers anywhere in the school.

  • Some include Microsoft's Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Claris Works, as well as dozens of programs in Math,
    Creative Writing, Reading Skills, Science, and Social Studies.

  • The Center is equipped with a Hewlett Packard Color Laser printer as well as a business quality HP Laser Jet 4. 

Serving the Students:

  • We pay for an excellent screening/filtering service to keep our students safe from unacceptable sites that abound on the Web. Every computer is tied into it.

  • We provide both Netscape and Internet Explorer. On each computer there is a very extensive list of "Bookmarked Learning Sites" which we know are both safe and of outstanding educational value.

Who Staffs the Center:

  • Mrs. Constance Hutchinson bring very different skills and experience that has been very effective at moving the school's goals in this area forward.

How does the school afford such excellence?

  • Based on income of the families we serve St. John's qualifies for Federal Discounts amounting to 90% on Internet Access,
    initial connection and wiring, etc.

  • Alumni have been responsible for contributing annually new equipment valued up to $25,000 each year.

These are safe learning places recommended by the Faculty & the Computer Room Staff.