We have 8,000 books on our shelves 
From September 2002 to June 2014, over $175,000 to provide our library with the collections of books and AV materials that we are now proud of!
Videos over 200 and DVD's over 400
We will be spending about $23,000 of Grant based  
We won grants in 2013 and 2014 totaling $8000  
We now have over 50 ebooks available for our 7th and 8th graders to access from anywhere at any time from any computer.

Soon we will be connected to the NYC Board of E d web site where students of all grades can access appropriate ebooks.



  • 1 SHARP LC 42" AQUOS TV.




  • (Each classroom will have a new DVD player!)

Thank you Library Connections!


About Taking out Books: School Policy

  • Students may sign out TWO books.

  • They may borrow books for TWO weeks.

  • Books can be renewed for TWO additional weeks.


     About Overdue Books.

  • Students will be notified when books are overdue

  • They must return them immediately.

  • Your child can't take out another book until overdue ones are returned.

Please note that lost, damaged, or stolen books must be replaced by the person who signed them out. 
If you can't replace it, the total cost of the book must be paid  for. 

Parents can go to the Library, get their own Library Card number, and take out books for their children!
Pre-K children are not scheduled for regular Library periods,
but you can take out books to read to them.

 Click to log in to  the New York Public Library

The Library -- Books are read, respected, and shared by students who are true learners!


Everything is computerized, with bar codes for Library Cards.

  We use the Destiny Program, and this is available to every child in his/her own classroom and through the school wide network. Some of the skills that even the 1st and 2nd grade level include locating books using Destiny.

There are four computers in the Library: one for administration; three for student research. On overflow days students can come next door to the Computer room to access materials from our machines.

  The school has over 6,400 books accessioned through the computer system. During the first half of the year students circulated at least 3,986 books.
  There are just about 400 VCR tapes available. 
  Every month over 40 subscriptions are delivered to our library.
  There are three Encyclopedia sets for students who like hard copy research. (There are more on line.)
  Some of the skills that even the First and Second grade have learned include looking for a book on Athena, signing out magazines, going to the right shelf to find a book they want to read.

Some Special Notes, Reminders, Dates:

  • Something new to share: Because St. John Chrysostom has qualified for the Library Connections Program, we have been able to add almost $95,000 in new books, videos, DVD'S, CD's, and magazines.

  • A Great Opportunity: You can click on the image right below. This is our Card Catalog on line. We also have a link to the New York Public Library where your card number lets you in.

  • A quote that speaks to us today: "

Visit the Public Library!
When you get in, remember that your Library Card Number is your passport to great learning opportunities!    Click right here for the Public Library

These sites are easy Gateways to great learning!  This Smithsonian Encyclopedia web page has all kinds of research web pages.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a beautiful site that links history of every diverse